Bridge Construction Time and Costs

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  02/10/2017


This project's purpose is to help MnDOT's Bridge Office develop a guidance document and tool for bridge construction time estimation that can be used by district project managers and construction staff. The tool will provide a range of production rates based on specific design criteria, being more concise based on the level of information available and will aid in evaluating the potential benefit for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques. Under this contract, the contractor will complete the following tasks: 1. Conduct an existing practices literature review of current Department of Transportation (DOT) processes around the United States for bridge time and cost estimation. 2. Review and compile actual case study bridge construction production rates and cost data for major bridge components from State provided diaries, schedules and bridge plans. 3. Evaluate and select the best software format and style for a bridge construction time estimation tool. Load State case study production rate data into estimation tool and run validation using bridges currently under construction. 4. Produce a research report summarizing the literature review on best practices. Produce a user guide for bridge time estimation tool and training presentation. 5. An optional task, if the budget allows, will include the development ofa cost estimating tool. Cost estimation data would be gathered from the literature review and case study analysis during the development of bridge construction time estimation tool for efficiency.

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