Knowledge Retention Pilot Project

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  01/23/2017


Project goals: 1. Define and learn the difference between "information" and "tacit knowledge." 2. Identify two areas of knowledge that would be candidates for knowledge retention/ transfer implementation and identify a champion/ expert for each area. 3. Hire a consultant to emulate the tacit knowledge capture methodology used by KRAFT FOODS utilizing the MASK Method (Method for Analyzing and Structuring Knowledge) to ultimately create a knowledge book thru in-depth interviews for each of candidate knowledge areas. 4. Validate the knowledge book with expert/peer reviews. 5. Share the knowledge book. 6. Evaluate the effectiveness of future knowledge books being produced for other areas to retain and transfer tacit knowledge. This implementation project builds upon the 2015 TRB lecture session 795 How Do We Manage What We Know? Preserving Institutional Integrity and Viability. Specifically, the presentation titled, Knowledge Capture and Transfer at Kraft Foods, presented by Nanako Mura, will be used as the template for this implementation project. The MASK Method (Method for Analyzing and Structuring Knowledge) is a core component of Kraft Food methodology for capturing knowledge.

Final Report:

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