Pavement Thickness Evaluation using 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  12/13/2017


The research team has recently completed a MnDOT-sponsored study of pavement thickness variation and pavement distress using ultrasonic tomography (Khazanovich et al, 2016; Salles et al, 2017). The work will build on the methodology from an existing collaboration between the research team, MnDOT, and the Federal Highway Administration using 3D GPR to assess air-void content in asphalt pavements and locate unusual features in pavements (Hoegh et al, 2015; Tompkins et al, 2017). The proposed work scope will include the following objectives: -Establish equipment and test standards for the evaluation of thickness using 3D GPR, including a review of the 3D GPR Examiner software; -Develop a calculation method that uses the common midpoint (CMP) sounding to estimate pavement thickness; and -Develop software to represent pavement thickness accurately and conveniently using the 3D GPR data and the calculation method.

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