MnDOT Slope Vulnerability Assessments

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  10/26/2017


MnDOT's Flash Flood Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Pilot Project identified an assessment of slope vulnerability as a key next step. Several LRRB funded research projects are studying slope failures and developing GIS-based vulnerability tools. In addition, University of Minnesota Geology Department, the DNR and Hennepin County are currently researching slope failures and identifying risk factors for future slides. Other efforts have been undertaken in states like Colorado and Washington. This effort will build on LRRB and Hennepin County work, other national research, and the flood vulnerability assessment to identify vulnerable slopes near trunk highways (and potentially CSAH or MSAS routes) in 3 or 4 MnDOT districts. High priority districts for inclusion in this effort are districts 6, 7 and metro. Goals: Identify, map and rank slopes vulnerable to slides that could affect the trunk highway network. Prioritize areas for additional study or proactive stabilization work. Better understand and quantify the risk of future slope failures. Inform future asset management, investment and emergency management planning efforts.

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