Real-Time Integration of Arrow Board Messages into Traveler Information Systems

Status:  Complete
Project Start Date:  09/20/2017


The overall project goal is to provide more timely and accurate information to motorists, with less staff effort to update lane closure statuses in traveler information systems such as MnDOT's 511 website/mobile app, as well as on-road dynamic message signs. The objective is to deploy devices that interpret lane closure status and position from arrow boards and to modify MnDOT's Road Condition Reporting System (CARS) to automatically accept this information and create 511 event messages. MnDOT's Advanced Traffic Management System (IRIS) will also get these messages and display that information to MnDOT operations in real-time in order to ensure accuracy and situational awareness of roadway events. The concept for this project is to equip the arrow boards used by one maintenance shop in Metro District with the functionality to export arrow board status. This will include arrow boards used for mobile/rolling closures as well as arrow boards placed stationary. This integration will specifically target a shop that moves arrow boards regularly, so all aspects of the required functionality can be tested.

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