NRRA: Evaluation of Long-Term Impacts of Early Opening of Concrete Pavements

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  12/13/2017


This project will help to establish a method for determining when a PCC pavement or patch can be opened earliest to traffic without compromising its long-term performance. To achieve it, the very early-age fatigue damage and associated long-term distress in PCC pavement subjected to early opening will be evaluated and monitored. This will verify early-opening methodologies recent research has proposed. the objectives of this study will be: -Evaluate visible and non-visible immediate and long-term damage caused by early age loading. To achieve it, a comprehensive analysis of sensor reading and non-destructive test results should be conducted. -Quantify the effect of early loading damage on long-term performance. -Determine minimum strength at opening or other measurable variables associated with this parameter. -Recommend strategies for minimizing or avoiding early loading damage detrimental to long-term performance.

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