Implementation of Recycled Unbound Base Material Properties for MnPAVE

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  12/26/2017


Minnesota has a long history of using recycled materials in pavement construction. They have been utilized in all layers of the pavement, from the surface down to the unbound supporting layers. Accordingly, MnDOT performed several research studies to understand their material properties (e.g., strength, stiffness, unsaturated properties, etc.). Although a set of default recycled material property (e.g., Cold-Inplace Recycling, Rubblized Concrete, etc.) inputs embedded in the MnPAVE are available for application, they cannot reflect the partial use of recycled materials in conjunction with virgin aggregate as base materials. Furthermore, the findings from the previous studies have not been fully utilized and implemented to MnPAVE software. There is a need for implementation of unbound and conventional base material properties into design procedure to better predict pavement performance in Minnesota. The implementation of the locally-calibrated recycled unbound and conventional base material properties for MnPAVE will lead to a more cost-effective pavement design procedure in Minnesota. Furthermore, the successful implementation will ensure the service life of road infrastructure in Minnesota and lower road maintenance costs.

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