Reduced Cementitious Material in Optimized Concrete Mixtures

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  12/21/2017


Investigating the perfonnance of low cementitious paving mixes in terms of its early-age characteristics, potential durability issues, long-term serviceability and life cycle costs will lead to a stronger understanding of the application and practice. Other benefits the state will receive from the results and conclusions of this research include: I. Material cost savings: A reduced cementitious mix will cost less than a standard mix. A 4 70 lb/CY mix would amount to a I bag reduction of cement and approximately a $6/CY savings. 2. Potentially longer pavement life resulting in reduced life cycle costs: Reducing the total amount of cementitious materials would reduce the shrinkage cracking potential and ultimately extend the service life of the pavement. 3. Reduced environmental Impacts: The materials saving, especially the cementitious materials, will ultimately lower the carbon footprint, therefore reducing the impacts on the environment. 4. Safer and more reliable serviceability: Less cracking potential and the higher resistivity of a deicing chemical attack will result in a safer travel environment for the public. The successful application of this research associated with the field demonstration and investigation can be immediately implemented by National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) member agencies and benefit Minnesota taxpayers.

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