Life-Cycle Civil Integrated Management (CIM)

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  03/23/2018


Minnesota agencies are calling for CIM processes (including 3D design) in proposals without established Best Practices or better understanding of ROI. This approach puts tax-dollars at risk and introduces additional professional risk for owners and practitioners. MnDOT has begun a CIM initiative to address this, developing the needed foundation combined with educational messaging. Minnesota counties are also experimenting, yet there is no collective effort benefiting all jurisdictions. The following objectives will advance this technology for all agencies in Minnesota: 1. Act by combining previous corroborated research with a pilot that documents Best Practices and begins the development of implementation roadmaps for use by State and County transportation entities utilizing an actual local road project 2. Begin sharing and communication of reciprocal CIM findings process between jurisdictions 3. Study benefits and challenges of 3D design (and other CIM processes) to early lifecycle phases of typical small to mid-size roadway projects 4. Mirror traditional processes with emerging CIM processes to contrast and compare differences 5. Identify potential qualitative-quantitative measures that recognize ROI value points or processes

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