Evaluation of ECE, FRP, and Sealers for Corrosion Mitigation in Reinforced Concrete Bridges

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  07/19/2018


The primary goal of the research is to evaluate the performance of ECE, FRP wrap, and concrete sealer corrosion mitigation strategies after 20 years of service. The goal will be accomplished through comparison of chloride contents, half-cell potential data and concrete distress in 1998, before and after ECE, and current data obtained in 2018. The results of the research will benefit MnDOT and the engineering community by enhancing our collective understanding of the performance of the corrosion mitigation strategies that were employed. This understanding will allow for a more rational analysis of the merit, or lack thereof, of employing similar strategies on other existing concrete bridge structures in Minnesota that are or will eventually be exhibiting corrosion distress.

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