Mobile Imaging for Data Collection

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  03/29/2017


A mobile imaging system, in conjunction with supporting software, will be used to develop alignment and other data needs for implementation of intelligent compaction (IC) and other geospatial needs. Implementation of IC on mill and overlay projects has added a significant amount of work to district survey crews, which they are not staffed to accomplish. Currently, the alignment data is created using digital terrain models, which requires numerous coordinate shots by survey crews. Much of the survey crew work is on the roadway centerline. The mobile imaging system will eliminate the need for the survey crews' time and decrease exposure of the crew to traffic. The primary goal is to streamline the development of alignment files required for the use of intelligent compaction on asphalt paving projects. Secondary goals will be to determine if other georeferenced data will be useful for other parts of plan development.

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