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Minnesota Culvert Manual to Accommodate Aquatic Species Passage

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  06/16/2016


MnDOT and the LRRB have completed several research projects exploring how to design a culvert to accommodate aquatic species in Minnesota. All these efforts are culminating in several studies. One explores whether the ability of Topeka Shiner to pass through the culvert is influenced by light levels, another explores an idea that using a byproduct of the mussel farming; mussel spat rope, can help promote fish passage. However, no manual of practice for MnDOT and County Engineers for culvert design addresses how to best accommodate aquatic species. This research implementation project aims to develop a guide from over 5 years of UMN research for the State of Minnesota. The implementation project will also discuss the nature of culverts as fish barriers. In some situations, the use of culverts to prevent aquatic species migrating upstream is a priority for a watershed, and this topic should also be discussed in the manual.

Final Report:

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