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Optimized Taconite-Based Pavement Repair Compound and Deployment System

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  05/12/2016


NRRI has developed and patented a rigid, taconite mineral-based, all season rapid setting pavement repair compound that contains neither petroleum nor portland cement. As such, its environmental footprint is much smaller than cold mix or hot mix asphalt products, mastic, and portland cement-based repair compounds. The proposed project will: 1) refine NRRI's taconite-based repair compound, with an emphasis on developing and optimizing a finer-grained ("pumpable/extrudable") formulation; and 2) develop and field test/demonstrate a low-cost mechanized system that can efficiently mix and a place the repair compound in larger quantities while minimizing or eliminating direct contact and hand-mixing by maintenance personnel.

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