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Development and Regionalization of In Situ Bioslopes and Bioswales

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  08/18/2017


The objective of this project is to build bioslopes and bioswales in situ using lessons learned from a previous project (Comparing Properties of Water Absorbing/Filtering Media for Bioslope/Bioswale Design) and determine laboratory testing procedures to accurately predict field performance. The previous project's laboratory results suggest that mixes of peat, muck, compost, taconite tailings, and sand will meet MnDOT's specifications for absorption, infiltration, filtration, and pollutant capture. This project will implement the mix designs in the field, monitoring results and comparing field results to laboratory results. The sites for the in situ evaluation will be determined by the TAP members. In addition, existing bioslope/bioswales will be evaluated to determine the aging effect. The utilization of local salvage materials for stormwater treatment has potential implications for future green infrastructure development, as well as reducing project cost.

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